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Q: What’s the best time to come fish at Live Oak Plantation?

A: We catch fish all year! Here’s a profile of our different fishing seasons:

Best time for a new personal best largemouth:  January thru March - the females at their physical best and ready to spawn.  The catch rate can be a bit slower with the colder water, but if you have the patience, it can be very rewarding.

Best time for high catch rates:  March thru June – the fish are ending their spawning cycles and ready to eat!  Warmer water temperatures help as well. Plus the aggressive fish show out by crushing topwater baits!

Best time for dependable fishing: September thru November – Cold fronts are no longer an issue this time of year, so the fish tend to be consistently ready to bite. Plus, the cooling temperatures are such a pleasant relief for both anglers and fish. Consider a quail hunt to round out your trip (after October 1).

Q: Is a license required to fish at Live Oak Plantation?

A: No. You will be fishing private ponds/lakes.

Q: Can children come to fish at Live Oak Plantation?

A: Of course! We ask that children 15 and under fish with a parent or guardian that is 21 or older.  If you are a party of three with a child under 16, we can sometimes accommodate 3 people on a boat.  Children 16 or over are considered adults for fishing and will need to be paired in a boat with only one other angler. Anglers under 13 years old must wear a life jacket while on any watercraft (Georgia State Law).

Q: Do you provide equipment?

A: Our guides can provide rods/reels/baits for our guests. Alternatively, we have rods/reels (Falcon rods with Diawa and 13 Fishing reels – spinning and casting reels) available for rental or purchase in our pro shop. Some guests will ship rods in advance of their trip and bring their own reels. Let us know your preference in advance, and we will handle the details.


Q: Do you provide baits/lures?

A: Our guides will be prepared with specific baits/lures for your fishing day. If you would like to prepare in advance, we are happy to put you in touch with your scheduled fishing guide to get their advice. We do keep a supply of the most popular baits/lures in our pro shop.


Q: Can I request a specific guide?

A: Yes, and while we can’t guarantee it, every effort will be made to accommodate your request.


Q: Do you allow any “non-guided” fishing?

A: Yes, but only in the Lodge Pond and only for registered guests. We keep a small supply of fishing equipment available for this purpose.

Q: Are guests permitted to bring their own alcoholic beverages?

A: Guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol but LOP will not tolerate consumption/providing of alcohol by/to persons under 21 years of age.


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