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At Live Oak Plantation, we take great pride in the quality of the fish that inhabit the exclusive private waters around our property. Fish for Largemouth Bass, Crappie or Bream in any of our ten trophy-managed lakes (ranging from 1 acre to over 100 acres).

All bass fishing is catch and release from comfortably prepared boats, with experienced guides who know exactly where the trophies hide and how to preserve the memory.


Professionally managed by marine biologists, each lake boasts a healthy population of fish. Largemouth bass in excess of 10 pounds and bream in excess of 1 pound are not unusual.

Hardcore anglers and family groups will each enjoy being guided by plantation staff who help to build and maintain this outstanding fishery.


Fishing Seasons

We catch fish year-round! Our fish start swimming to the beds any time the water exceeds 62 degrees, anytime from February to May. Once the water hits 70-80 degrees, the post-spawn fish will be out cruising, looking for their next meal. Fishing is especially enjoyable in summer months because the 80-90+ degree water results in fish finding shaded places to hide.

This leads to fishing under the mats and around natural habitat (think early morning topwater!).

Once the lakes start cooling in the fall and the water temperature drops to 85-70 degrees, the fish prepare for the winter season by eating whatever they can fit in their mouth. This allows anglers to have success with any assortment of baits.

Throughout the winter months, water temperatures drop to 70-55 degrees, and the fish are feeding up to get prepared for the next spawning season.

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HOME OF THE 2022 AND 2023

Real Tree Fishing
Pond Wars

In 2022, Realtree Fishing, one of the strongest brands in the hunting and fishing industries, brought together some of the top bass pros and influencers in the nation for a one-day, no-practice tournament on our very own waters at Live Oak Plantation. Watch the 2022 Realtree Fishing Pond Wars below.

Come fish like the pros and book your experience today. Fishing rates can be found here.

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Watch the full episode of Real Tree Fishing Pond Wars Here

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