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Live Oak Plantation located in Adel, Georgia has 3,000-acres providing ample space for prime deer stand positing and location. The attention to detail when it comes to stand location and hunting location is vital when it comes to hunting Whitetail Deer. The management at Live Oak Plantation takes into consideration all the factors including wind, cover, and noise levels, to ensure complete camouflage.

The Plantation has many lush food plots planted, which attract deer during prime feeding times. Each food plot is placed in areas where deer cross to make them feel at home and unthreatened.

Not all stands are in proximity to food plots. We have many diverse areas that one can choose from to hunt: trail crossings, natural pinch points, and wide-open flats. We have ladder stands, tower stands, and the occasional ground blind.

We offer a 3-day deer hunt, both morning and afternoon. Brunch or Lunch are included in the package prices.

Live Oak Plantation has registered an official Pope and Young kill scoring 137 7/8th inches, but there have been multiple bucks taken from the property that score greater than that mark. We encourage all methods of hunting including primitive weapons and rifles. We require each hunter to have a Georgia Big Game hunting license. Deer season tends to start in September (Bow Season) and ends around the first week of January. Our rates in November do increase as this is Georgia’s prime rut month, or when bucks chase doe in heat.

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